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Hemp Smokables


Cheech and Chong have launched their long-awaited Hemp Smokable's Product-line! Introducing three terpene enhanced flavors, “Lemon Love”, “Grand Daddy Grape”, and “Merry Mint” are available. Blessed by the Legends themselves, the new Cheech and Chong’s line of Hemp Smokable's will delight any smoker. Cheech and Chongs’s Hemp Smokable’s and Kemp Wraps will help generate additional sales and acquire net-new customers for Retailer Owners, C-Store Owners, and Smoke Shop Owners.


20-Pack Lemon Love CBD Cigarette Cheech and Chong’s

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Lemon Love was made to taste sweet and fruity, with citric accents, this flavor profile is described as lemony and smoky. Cheech and Chong personally curated the terpene blend to create a flavor that perfectly captures the essence of lemons without overpowering the smoky taste of Hemp. Smokers who prefer a citrusy and fresh flavor will enjoy Lemon Love.


20-Pack merry mint CBD Cigarette Cheech and Chong’s

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Merry Mint is a flavor developed by Hempacco Inc. For Cheech and Chong’s line of Hemp Smokables Cheech and Chong’s. The primary flavor used to create this profile were terpenes derived from peppermint. Merry Mint cigarettes contain a flower blend of Hemp and Peppermint with a ratio of 80% Hemp and 20% Peppermint Leaves. Smokers who prefer a taste similar to menthol can enjoy Merry Mint’s cool and minty flavor experience.


20-Pack Grand Daddy Grape CBD Cigarette Cheech and Chong’s

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Grand Daddy Grape is a tribute flavor to the family of purple cannabis strains, popular among cannabis smokers. Cheech and Chong aim to provide the Cannabis Community with an authentic experience, amazing relief and benefits, and great taste. Grand Daddy Grape’s flavor can be described by smokers as fruity and sweet.

About Cheech AND Chong

Cheech and Chong are a comedic duo and Cannabis Culture Royalty. The pair began their comedy
careers in Vancouver, British Colombia, in the late 1960s. Following the release of their successful
comedy albums, the duo got their big break with, “Up in Smoke”, the first comedy film released by the
pair. “Up in Smoke” solidified Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong as icons of the Cannabis Movement that
continues today, as they advocate for federal legalization, education and pioneering change with their
innovative branding and products.

After acting in 8 movies, producing 9 comedy albums, 15 singles/EPs, and 3 compilations, Cheech and
Chong focused on their individual careers in 1986. Cannabis Culture never forget them and heralded
their movies throughout the 1990s. Cheech and Chong reunited for a Comedy tour in 2008. Since the

legalization of medical/recreational cannabis in California, they have teamed up under their joint-
venture cannabis brand, Cheech and Chong’s Cannabis Company. Cheech and Chong are now ready to

enter the Hemp Smokables industry as they continue to innovate within the Cannabis Industry.


Do you sometimes wish you could experience the benefits of cannabis without the “high”? Are you trying to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes?


Say hi, not “high” to Cheech and Chong CBD Smokables and enjoy the experience! Each Hemp Cigarette is made from 100% Organic Hemp sourced in the USA and contains up to 80 mg of CBD. Hemp is a relative plant of the Cannabis family but contains low traces of THC, and High Amounts of CBD. Our Hemp comes from the San Joaquin Valley, grown next to pistachio, almonds, and raisin farms which explains why our Hemp Blend smells and tastes incredible! On top of that, the dry, mild climate and deep fertile soil contribute to the Hemp’s unbeatable quality. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that may help improve mood, inflammation, and stress. Non-Psychoactive, or not psychoactive, refers to properties that Do NOT produce effects that change perception, the mind, and mental process. CBD is the most commonly known Cannabinoid since its legality in 2018, the CBD market has exploded! CBD can be consumed via Sublingual and Topicals, however, the fastest way according to Dr. Stuart Titus, former CEO of Marijuana Inc. and CBD Expert, is smoking CBD-rich Hemp as it increases the Bio-Availability of CBD in the bloodstream.

Cheech and Chong CBD Smokables aim to help people live peaceful lives, through pain relief, relaxation, and clarity. Cheech and Chong’s CBD Smokables are tobacco-free alternatives. Our paper is made with pulp derived from Industrial Hemp Fiber, and the filter is eco-friendly. The blend of Hemp is sourced in the United States and is 100% Organic. Our smokables are infused at the filter with terpenes for enhanced flavor, with IP Technology from our Joint Venture Partner, Hempacco Inc. and manufactured in San Diego, California. Our Hemp CBD Cigarettes come in the classic 20-Pack which retails at $10 per pack. Each carton has a retail price of $100 dollars and contains 10 Cheech and Chong CBD packs. If you’re a Master Distributor looking to distribute Cheech and Chong CBD Cigarettes, the retail value equals $4,995 and is 50 Cartons per Master Case.


The Hemp Cigarettes, Cheech and Chong have developed unique flavor profiles by sourcing Terpenes. Very different than plain hemp cigarettes, terpenes, also known as terpenoids, are the largest and most diverse group of naturally occurring compounds that are mostly found in plants. Terpenes are responsible for the fragrance, taste, and pigment of plants and fruits. The blend of terpenes used for Cheech and Chong Smokes was a 50/50 mixture of Botanical and Hemp-Derived terpenes. Botanical terpenes are found in fruits such as strawberries, watermelon, melon, mango, and kiwis. Hemp-derived terpenes are derived from strains such as Jack Herer and OG Kush, and taste and smell like these strains.


Cheech and Chong aim to produce flavors that resonate with smokers and pay homage to genuine strain profiles. All three flavors were carefully curated in order to offer a genuine and superior product and experience for smokers.


“Granddaddy Grape” is an Ode to the Purple cannabis strains, which is one of the most renowned family of strains if cannabis.


Our “Lemon Love” was made to taste sweet and sour, with citric accents and is described as fruity and earthy. 


The “Merry Mint” is the perfect collaboration between Mint and Hemp and is described by smokers as minty-fresh.

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